PJ280 Hull for Sale

- A Unique Opportunity

Please contact christian@advokat.bergen.no to get a copy of the terms and conditions of the sale

This is a rare opportunity to achieve ownership of the high end hull of one of the most astonishing superyachts ever to be built.

Don't lose out on a once in a lifetime price

This grand black carbon-fiber hull allows the imagination to wander towards the famous tales of the avant-garde underwater vessel Nautilus, still she is destined to be matured into an enigmatical beauty.

Technical drawing of the finished yacht

The hull has been designed by the famous luxury yacht builder Palmer Johnson, and it is registered in the Norwegian Shipbuilding register under building number 280. Two powerful MTU 16V 2000 M94 engines and gears have been installed on-board. Following appropriate modifications, one might also envisage the finished vessel being employed by a potential buyer in the high end commercial/leisure market.

The hull is manufactured by Brødrene  Aa. This shipyard is a world leader in the construction of carbon fiber composites. The shipyard  is located  in Hyen on the west coast of Norway and employs 170 skilled workers. The company is known for pioneering the  use of  composite materials, first with fiberglass composites in the 1970s and today with carbon fiber composites.